Toronto Interior Painting & Renovation. Building Exterior Restoration

Interior painting
Building  envelope
Historic preservation
Toronto  facade repairs

Inspection and assessment
Waterproofing & protection
Masonry restoration and repair
Concrete and structural steel repair
High-rise building exterior restoration

Aurora, ON Painting, Richmond Hill Renovation, Markham House Repairs

Painting in Aurora, Ontario

Richmond Hill Renovation

Markham House Repair

Your home is precious

We just add beauty and longevity to it

Painting becomes an art of making homes cozier & families happier

Your grateful home will return the favor giving back even more of warmth & comfort

We offer a free initial consultation and estimate with the scope of work, costs and time frame

Neat and clean
Fast and affordable
Highest quality services
Renovation and restoration

Painting procedures produce long lasting finishes based on:
Extensive preparation
Excellent cut lines. Precision work
Top quality painting. Beautiful, durable
Furnishings, floors are protected at all times
We leave your home cleaner than it was before

Primer and Paint:
Quality primer and two or more top coats of high-quality interior paint

Interior Painting that beautifies and protects your home
Preparation is extensive &
vital to longevity, beauty and result
and consists of masking floors windows
doors, removal of lights, electrical cover plates
Work areas are left clean at the end of every day
Dust and vapor barriers are set up to protect other areas
We remove failing paint, we sand, fill holes, repair texture and clean
We do caulking, patching, priming resulting in a great looking, long lasting job

Cabinet & closet refinishing:
Together we find best finishes, techniques, coatings and refinishing: colors to
save money over replacing cabinetry

Woodwork and Trim work:
Baseboard, door and window frame, crown molding repair
Wood and trim is cleaned, sanded, calked, holes and cavities filled

Specialty Surface Coatings:
For counter tops, stucco, concrete, metal, glass, tile
Faux finishes, staining and decorative plasters

We also provide a complete and detailed
list of rooms and paint colors used

Ask our customers for references and find
out about our top quality services

Our general renovation services:

Tile work
Concrete repair
Exterior painting
Cosmetic Repairs
Water damage repair
Drywall and carpentry
Deck cleaning and sealing
Bathroom & basement finishing
Plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and more